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Welcome to the LEEN server !

To always be at the forefront of research, the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis recently invested in the LEEN (Laboratory of Experimental Economics of Nice)!

Experimental economics is a recent scientific research method employed to reconstruct decision contexts in the laboratory. It provides a controlled environment, that is particularly valuable to confront theories to experimental results, to adapt existing models and to identify new lines of research. It helps to better understand the behavior of economic actors. It is a valuable method to researchers, as well as economic and political decision-makers.

Volunteers are essential to the functioning of this vast research program. No knowledge of economics is required: our experiments are anonymous, open to all, they last on average less than an hour and are compensated! To participate and become experimental subject, you simply need to register on this website, we will contact you soon to inform you of our forthcoming experiments.

So if you are tempted by the experimental adventure and want to help to advance research while earning money, go ahead and join us now !!

Please register using preferably a non-Gmail mailbox, as many Gmail users do not receive our invitation and confirmation emails.


For any questions, please contact